SQM method for improving service quality

After conducting in depth research in the field of customer experience in Israel and abroad the SQM method was developed. The SQM method combines scientific methodology with practical experience that was accumulated throughout the years in the field to create an optimal tool to improve the quality of service.

The SQM method combines ongoing scientific research with professional consultation and an integrated system of training and integration in the field - which creates an effective process that improves customer and worker experience and by so doing organizational and business growth is achieved.

How does the system work?
The SQM system implements quality management in three levels at the same time:
 ð In the immediate level: a continuous research of service quality using SQ Online - an innovative BI system providing  support to decisions and enabling to know at each given moment real-time information and react in real-time to exceptional events while learning and implementing lessons that were learned. 
ð In the strategic level: an in depth study of service quality research, learning lessons and setting priorities for treatment and improvement as goals in the field and training managers to lead improvement processes. 
ð In the practical level: a system of courses and workshops and ongoing supervision performed by managers and workers in order to teach skills and turn the ideal into the real by improving the quality of service.

Improving the quality of service in all levels
A full SQM process aimed at improving the quality of service includes three levels in an organization:
• Senior management: developing an organizational statement and setting the goals of the services provided.
 Service leaders: starting the process of improvement of services and leading the process, structuring and integration of an implementation program, preservation and involvement throughout time in a process combining intra and extra organizational work.
• Field workers: teaching sales and service skills, ongoing training and supervision.

A full process aimed at the improvement of service quality using the SQM system: 
It is important to realize that various organizations are already implementing parts of the process. The SQM system is capable of integrating in any existing organizational process, in any stage of the process and there is a possibility to activate only certain parts or stages of the method, as needed.

A full SQM process aimed at improving the quality of service includes:
•  Professional diagnosis and preliminary characterization by a senior SQM consultant: including research that combines observation and interviews with workers and managers, inter-organizational and customer surveys in order to provide an initial representation of the initial situation.
 Setting goals, services values and service level agreement, and their integration.
• Starting the process of improvement of service quality among managers in a special outdoor workshop.
• Training a process leader and service leaders in teams/branches in the framework of a course of 30 academic hours.
• Ongoing analysis of organizational indexes in the SQ Online system: customer surveys, operational indexes and more.
• Trainings and workshops to maintain the level of service quality.
• On the job (OJT) training to managers and workers.
• Ongoing supervision of the organization throughout the year according to a structured methodology.
• Coaching and supervision of managers in the field - encouraging growth in managers through a personal coaching process, according to a specific program.

We can add more and more information about the special attitude of the SQM consultants that became a part of the organization out of full commitment and a feeling of partnership…but we believe that the best was to learn about the system is through the words of our satisfied customers that already implement the SQM method.




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