Netta Gnessin Welmer, Operations and Control manager in Harel Insurance and Finance Co. Ltd.

"By using the SQM method we are capable to see the picture in a level of the service representative and see where we can improve together with them. The second advantage concerns the strategic level, the level of the process where we can see how we can change work processes in the service department that will result in our customers' satisfaction."





Huli Raz Consultation Group

In the business world, the emphasize is on measurement and on how measurement drives to action… I found out that SQ is nothing like other research companies. With great pleasure, I recommend SQ to all my clients, since SQ provides a solution which enables watching charts and results at any given moment… Research is a managerial tool, instead of managers and employees working for the research.





Ron Abel, Head of technical and services Supreme Court in Samlat company (Importer of Fiat and Alpha Romeo)

"We have been working with SQ for a number of years and the beauty of the process is reflected in the way we use the result of the surveys in the company…our representatives in the field know each other well and identify the weak spots in each service center…Samlat Company applies this tool well in order to fulfill the goals we set to ourselves, that the customer is at the center…and provide him the service he deserves and concentrate on the issues that need to be improved."




Oren Cohen, head of the call centers in the Isracard Group

"SQ is not just another company that performs surveys for us…SQ is a partner that accompanies us on a daily level and asks us what else it can do…and which adaptations it can make in the website and the tools provided so that we can receive the best information about our customers…"





Alon Honigman, VP of services Tadiran Group

"The SQ system became an executive tool that enables us to analyze the quality of work performed by technicians, service representatives and track malfunctions in real-time for customers that are still unsatisfied after the visit. One of the most noticeable advantages of the SQ system is that it is "paperless"…we have been working with SQ for more than 4 years and it is highly appreciated by our customers…"



Pnina Shenhav, Chairman of IMC - Israel Management Center

SQ accompanies us in different projects…their ability to structure the research methods in an excellent manner on the one hand while analyzing the results in a manner that is highly applicable to our line of business on the other hand is highly professional.
We feel that SQ is a partner and not a service provider, they are a partner that goes hand in hand with us and keeps on introducing new initiatives…they offer new perspectives to challenges that we face so that we can improve throughout time…"



Yuval Chen, VP of Operations and Service in E.F. Home Design Ltd. (Betili and I.D. Design)

"We have been working with SQ for 10 years. SQ assists in different processes we are involved in…we received practical and operative tools that helped us to improve and streamline our overall operations and services provided in our branches and call centers…"







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