Buisness Associates

  • Geocartography

    A leading research institute in Israel

    One of the largest research institutes in Israel with extensive experience in the fields of research, consultation and strategy. SQ and Geocartography collaborate in the provision of research solutions to customer, solutions that combine the SQ Online software for the purpose of analyzing findings. To the company's website.

  • Huli Raz

    MBA, senior management and service consultant, CEO of Huli Raz Consultation Group

    Extensive experience in service management of leading organizations such as Visa Cal, El Al and Pelephone.
    Implementing the NPS organizational growth index. SQ service quality and Huli Raz work together and operate in a number of organizations for the purpose of integrating the organizational NPS index to improve cross organizational processes. To Huli Raz website.

  • Bezeq Online company

    Specializing in management of call centers

    Bezeq Online is fully owned by Bezeq and specializes in the set-up, management and maintenance of call centers. The company has extensive experience in management call centers providing services to customers from different areas such as communication, health, infrastructures and transportation, customer loyalty programs, insurance and finance. To the company website.

  • IMC - Israel Management Center

    A leading company in executive training in Israel

    SQ Service Quality and IMC have been cooperating for more than 4 years. SQ concentrates the field of measurements in the different competitions held and organized by the IMC - excellence in service competition, the Effie Awards and more. To the company website.

  • Neot Kedumim Center for Leadership Development

    The Neot Kedumim Center for Leadership Development in the Footsteps of Nature and the Bible

     The Neot Kedumim Center for Leadership Development in the Footsteps of Nature and the Bible (near Modi'in) holds workshops on the subjects of leadership, team development, management, team morale and more. This takes place in a 2500 dunam beautiful nature reserve. SQ Service Quality is responsible for the outdoor workshops on the subject of "service as hosting" in the Neot Kedumim Center for Leadership Development. The cooperation between the organizations is wider and also includes joint activities concerning executive development in desert workshops. To the company website.

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