SQ Analyst - Surveys are a question of quality

 What is the difference between effective surveys and surveys that just lie in the drawer? What is the difference between unnecessary information and useful information? Quality.

Effective surveys are capable of asking the right people the right questions.
SQ Analyst by SQ is a multipurpose service aimed at planning, setting up and managing a varied system of surveys that includes structuring a model predicting customers' commitment, scientific analysis of implications and insights from the surveys and professional recommendations for immediate implementation.

SQ Analyst by SQ accompanies the organization throughout the process of structuring surveys and questionnaires in a variety of areas such as market surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, workers satisfaction surveys and so on. SQ Analyst manages a system of surveys for the organization through different platforms and means - telephone surveys, email surveys, internet surveys, SMS surveys and more.

When making a transition from the measurement to the implementation stage SQ Analyst accompanies the organization throughout the scientific analysis of the implications and insights that are found in the surveys and recommends tools and solutions for immediate implementation of the conclusions.

In addition, SQ Analyst presents a model for predicting the customer's behavior. This model investigates the decision making process of the customer. The model tracks, at any given moment, the critical points in which the gap between the level of expectation of the customer and the level of service in actuality can be bridged. This state of the art model can predict not only the level of commitment of the customer at each given moment but it can also point at the issues that can be handled immediately in order to achieve real improvement in the quality of service and the customer experience at minimum costs and maximum effect.

The research services of SQ Analyst is supported and accompanied by the SQ Online business intelligence system that enables continuous analysis of measurement findings and improvement in a variety of organizational indexes: service quality indexes, operational indexes and sales indexes.

SQ Analyst - Surveys are a question of quality: 
§Professional assistance in structuring surveys and measurement questionnaires
§Managing systems of surveys
§Establishing a model for the prediction of customer behavior - based upon research questionnaire 
§Scientific analysis of implications and insights out of surveys 
§Consultation and recommendations in light of findings that emerged in the surveys


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