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 As part of the SQM process or as a separate service provided to organizations undergoing change and streamlining processes, the SQ College service offers a variety of workshops, trainings and courses to managers in a variety of subjects and in full compliance with organizational needs.

This unique content is offered in a wide variety of formats: starting from workers' trainings in the organization and up to unique specialization courses in OD workshops for managers.

In the trainings catalogue of SQ College you will find, among other things, the following trainings:

 Service as hosting: a system of workers' trainings in unique workshops that relate to the emotional aspect of service and provide a practical and intuitive toolbox to create and improve customer commitment.

Service as hosting - outdoor: SQ College teaches the OD workshops in the center of leadership in Neot Kdumim in Ben Shemen forest. The workers' trainings "service as hosting" includes experiential OD activities combined with depth discussions that lead to especially effective insights.
 Communication as a tool that creates an experience: worker trainings that provide teams in branches or service provider departments with toolboxes and communication skills aimed at providing a special service experience to customers. These trainings include exercises and simulations and ways of handling difficult service situations and they are especially suitable for raising the level of service in the organization and minimizing exhaustion among workers
Encouraging growth of managers by contributing to society: a unique model that combines frontal learning in management skills workshops with OD activities in the field, in the framework of contributing to society, aimed at encouraging growth and empowering managers.
 Empowering managers - a desert workshop: two days of a journey to the leader in you.
In this workshop managers go on a journey that combines experiential OD activities together with unique workshop activities that relate to the personal and collective aspects of the group. This workshop is especially suitable for starting processes, concluding a period and empowering managers during the ongoing process of work. 

 Leading service - a course for service leaders in the organization: service leaders are the ambassadors of the organization when it comes to improving service in the field. The unique course includes structuring a service leading attitude in the organization and developing management skills and abilities for leading a successful and efficient process aimed at improving customer experience. The course presents methods and tools that assist in the ongoing work and constitute a practical toolbox for workers in the field.   The course is also offered in the framework of the Business College of the Chamber of Commerce.
 Navigation towards growth: orientation in space is an important life and business skill. In this unique course, delivered by Shai Chayun, a reserve regiment commander, the principles of navigation and their implementation in the world of business are taught, on the way to realizing your goals.

All of the activities in the workers and managers trainings offered by SQ College can be taken independently and can be integrated in the framework of a full SQM process for the improvement of service quality in the organization. 

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