SQ Mentor - Integration of Qaulity in the Field

 Integ-what? Integration.

The most important stage in the SQM process is the stage of implementation during which organizational indexes, including survey findings and feedbacks, are translated into an effective process in the field through all levels: senior management, managers and workers.

SQ Company accompanies you from the stage of measurement to the stage of implementation of improvements in service quality using the SQ Mentor service - an integrated tutorship program that is adapted to the needs of the organization and the results of the measurements.

The SQ Mentor service integrates improvement processes in all levels and concentrates on the development of teams of workers and development of teams of managers and combines coaching and business and organizational consultation. Contrary to consultation services that rely on theory, the professional assistance provided by SQ Mentor is connected to business indexes and is aimed at the bottom line: generation of profit.

The process of integration translates the results of the measurements collected through different means in the organization (surveys, interviews, observations and so on) into practical implementation in the field. Implementation according to SQ Mentor is based upon the commitment of management and workers to the process of improvement and implementation of improvement processes in all levels: teaching managers to lead the process, teaching teams of workers and directing the entire organization to make reasonable use of indexes in order to achieve business outcomes.

The SQ Mentor service accompanies the organization throughout the process of integration by employing training and instructional programs that include specific activities aimed at achieving the goals of the organization. Among other things, the SQ Mentor service handles inter-organizational processes and interfaces, and provides management and workers with skills to improve service quality. All of these are provided while conducting ongoing measurement of the effectiveness during each stage and each process.

The SQ Mentor for the development of a team and managers for the integration of quality in the field: 
• Starting the process of improvement among senior management members 
• Encouraging managers to become leaders: workshops aimed at managerial empowerment
• Training and certification: organizational SQM leader and service leaders in the field (branch/department/team managers). 
• Accompanying and tutoring during the process of implementation according to the SQM method in order to define an order of activities for each office holder (in a current, weekly, monthly and quarterly level).
• Development of teams through training and improving skills - SQ College.
 Providing skills aimed at improving service quality 
• Encouraging managers' growth and personal and business training 
• Management according to goals and structuring specific work programs in all levels while using MBO model in the SQ Online system to set priorities.


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