SQ Online- business intelligence system

 Attention! A customer is about to leave you now!
If someone were to say to you that you could track, in real-time, any customer that is about to leave you - would you believe it?

 Gathering and analysis of information about service and sales quality has never been that simple.
SQ is proud to present the SQ Online system - a unique business intelligence system for business information analysis in real-time. The system improves the decision making process in the organization. This is an innovative tool aimed for effective management enabling monitoring and improvement of organizational indexes, such as operational indexes and sales indexes, and it is especially suitable for the management and improvement of service quality.

The SQ Online business intelligence system constitutes the interactive aspect of the SQM system (link to page), and it is activated independently through a user friendly internet interface. The system is unique in its capabilities to analyze findings achieved by continuous measurements and present the most important implications for any entity in the organization. The system also supports decisions: it presents recommendations and not only results.

The SQ Online business intelligence system was launched after two years of research and development in light of practical experience that was accumulated in many years concerning the improvement of service quality provided by managers and workers in the field so that it fits perfectly the needs of organizations.

 By processing and weighting thousands of data the SQ Online business intelligence system displays in real-time the customer experience and provides immediate warnings and implications. The system enables managers in the field to produce reports and in-depth analysis of different parts in the area of service quality, sales and operations by pushing a button and in real-time. Alongside these, the SQ Online business intelligence system enables the investigation of significant patterns of service quality, goal management, process analysis and trends, and the performance of different comparisons and segmentations.

The SQ Online business intelligence system:
• Conducting surveys: telephone surveys, email surveys, internet surveys, SMS surveys, iPhone application surveys and more. 
• Full information in real-time of survey findings and service quality indexes  
• User friendly interface (dashboard) presenting an updated situation, online, of service quality and customer experience 
• Management model according to goals that rates the parameter that require involvement according to priorities and enables ongoing supervision 
• Reports generator that enables the production of reports in different segments, comparisons and analysis 
• A system of signals from the field that identify a customer that is about to leave and send direct warning to the manager in charge
• An interactive tracking mechanism for tracking and handling disappointed customers 
 Reports to managers concerning activities, enabling immediate improvement in the field.

The SQ Online business intelligence system arrives in two formats: 
§ An internet version that enables immediate connection at all times from all places. 
§ An inter-organizational version that interfaces fully with the organization's computer systems.


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