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The SQM method is a work tool that starts an effective process of improvement. Organizations that implemented the process and adhered to its principles succeeded in improving the customer experience and reached a stage in which improvement was reflected in the company's earnings and growth. Examples from the SQ Online system:

             The SQM method in the vehicle sector                                  The SQM method in the banking sector


Read more about the sectors and organizations where SQ developed a model for predicting customer's commitment and implemented an improvement process based upon SQM principles:

vVehicles sector
- Since its establishment 11 years ago, SQ has accompanied the vehicle sector. SQ has extensive experience in a sector that relies on hundreds of hours of training to workers and managers in service centers and dealerships, hundreds of training hours to managers and workers in all levels and positions, hundreds of thousands of interviews of customers in the field and maintaining direct connections with the largest worldwide vehicle manufacturers. The SQ model in the vehicle sector was implemented in companies such as Champion Motors, Fiat, Land Rover, UMI, Colmobil, Meir (Honda Volvo). Based upon the service experience in the service centers, the SQ model is capable of making a prediction whether a customer would recommend the service to a friend and choose to receive service for his vehicle in the center in a certainty level of 70%. This model even received international recognition from the international TNS institute as part of the processes implemented in the Volkswagen company. Shay Chayun was invited to meetings in the Volkswagen and Audi headquarters in Germany in order to present the model and its successful implementation in service and sales centers in Israel. Parts of the method were also implemented in other countries as well.

v Service for consumer products and computers : SQ supports and provides assistance to the leading companies in Israel: ONE, Brimag Service, Electra, Mashav Engineering, CSB, Femi Premium, Tadiran Carrier. Service include ongoing surveys, executive training, workers and executive trainings and more.
The SQM method was reviewed by representatives of the Carrier company from Italy and Spain and was referred to as a "state of the art" method: Dear all, You should review what Tadiran Service is doing re customer satisfaction surveys….they are doing them daily with a great feedback loop. It is really state of the art"

v  Banking : Shay Chayun was involved in the formation of the service model in Bank Hapoalim during the establishment of the service center in the bank in 2003. SQ accompanied Discount Bank in the formation of the overall customer experience model (through four channels - branch, express, center and internet website). In addition, SQ was involved in the development of a feedback system to Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, performing customer feedback processes and SQM management in Union Bank and Adanim mortgage bank. One of the unique activities that were carried out was placement of an online customer feedback station in Bank Leumi. This activity was very successful and lead to unique and quality results in the bank branches.

v Retail: Special skills concerning the connection of the service experience to sales and conversion rate. SQ found the formula that connects the customer experience and the customer's decision making process in the store and by doing so added a significant value to companies in the field in anything related to the improvement of profitability through the SQM method. In this field we accompany and provide assistance to Toys R Us, Betili, ID Design, Dynamica Cellular, Big Commercial Centers Ltd, Hedim Institutes of Audiology Ltd., Traklin Electricity Ltd., Dizengoff Center and more. While working with Tambour company we developed a model that would predict the customer share of the retailer - the model was capable of identifying the necessary steps that had to be taken in order to increase Tambour's customer share over competitors.

v Government organizations and nonprofit organizations : unique activities focusing on the connection between the service and sales experience and conversion rate. SQ found the formula that connected the customer experience model and the decision making process of the consumer in the store and by so doing added a significant value to the companies in the field in the area improvement of profitability using the SQM method.

v Leasing: accompanying and supporting leading companies such as Operate Lease, Ampa Lease (executive trainings on the subject of customer experience), Shlomo Sixt - including a customer experience analysis model in the company's internet website and an online questionnaire in the company's website.

v Consultation companies : ITL, UI, Teffen, Huli Raz and more

v Internet websites and portals : one of the main challenges in companies that promote internet portals face is to generate perceived value and effectiveness to customers. SQ accompanies leading companies in the area by measuring the level of efficiency and providing ongoing assistance that is result driven and aimed at ongoing improvement. In this area we accompany companies such as, Zap, Yellow Pages and more.

v Real estate: one of the most complex service experiences takes place in the field of real estate. SQ has extensive experience in this field that consists of hundreds of hours of observation and support of projects. SQ developed the service model in each one of the stages that a customer buying a new apartment undergoes, as well as in the field of real estate for investment purposes. SQ provides ongoing services to Africa Israel, Danya Cebus, Y.H. Dimri, Zemach Hammerman Group, Nave-Gad, and B. Yair. Services provided include measurements of all stages of interaction with the customer, starting from the stage of expressing interest and up to period of maintenance, trainings to field teams on the subject of service and sale processes and more.

v Finance and insurance : SQ provides its services to Harel and Isracard. Services include initiating SQM processes in all company centers and focusing on the connection to workers' compensation. The SQM process leads to results that are reflected by streamlining processes and an increase in the level of customer commitment.

v The Israel Management Center (IMC) award for service excellence: SQ holds the IMC competition since 2007. In this framework we concentrate all of the measurement and control area in the competition.

v City councils: SQ provides trainings to all employees and managers in Holon city council on the subject of service skills. SQ performed service measurement surveys in the city councils of Kiryat Ono, Petach Tikva and more. SQ accompanies water companies in the area of service improvement processes.

v Security companies : SQ implements the SQM in the G4S security company. The process includes ongoing measurements of all sales and service processes, executive development, training of service providers in branches and implementation of SQM method in the company headquarters - including involvement in all work plan processes.

v Academy and colleges : SQ provided training to the telemarketing system of the Oranim College on the subject of student recruitment processes. Shay Chayun wrote a chapter in a book published by professor Oren Kaplan on the subject of service quality surveys. Shay is also a visiting lecturer in business management courses B.A. and M.A. degrees in the College of Management, Ruppin College, Shenkar and the executive school of the IMC. SQ teaches the course "leading in service" in the business college of the Chamber of Commerce.

v Amusement parks : performing customer experience surveys in the underwater observatory in Eilat for the purpose of finding methods and tools that would enhance customer experience even after the second and third visits to the observatory.

v Research institutes:   leading research institutes such as Geocartography and Meida Shivuki use the SQ Online system as part of the measurement processes of their customers. By using the system they generate the SQM process in organizations.




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