• Shy Hayun

    Shy Hayun

    MBA, CEO and owner of SQ, Senior Business Consultant

    Founder of the SQM method and developer of the SQ Online system for goal driven management. Has more than 15 years of experience in consultation, research and training in all major sectors in the market.
    Senior academic lecturer in academic institutes and business colleges. Qualified tour guide and reserve regiment commander (lieutenant colonel).

    My credo: Any peak is a point of departure to a higher peak - standing still means going backwards.

  • Enav Shapira

    Enav Shapira

    MA, Head of Research & Senior SQM consultant


    B.A. summa cum laude, MA in social psychology. Has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research in the academy and the business field. Manager of the SQ Online system.

    My credo: inter-organizational service is tightly connected to the customer experience and the company's image among its customers. I believe in the importance of organizational climate, development and empowerment of workers as a basis for good service since good service starts from the inside. Whoever receives good service will provide good service. Good service provided to workers will result in a positive customer experience. Workers are the company's best references.


  • Michal Mutzafi

    Michal Mutzafi

    M.A, Head of training section

  • meirav hayun

    meirav hayun

    B.A, SQM senior mentor

  • Inbal Lary

    Inbal Lary

    B.A, SQM mentor

  • Limor Hayun

    Limor Hayun

    Emci, BA, Personal and organizational coacher

    Personal and business coacher, Feng Shui consultant for business. More than 15 years of experience in the area of customer service and management. Specializes in empowerment of sales and service teams in order to utilize their strengths and lead them to success.
    My credo: I believe that good service provided to others is an existential must that we, as human beings, need for the purpose of our own personal and business development. Service that comes from the heart should become a part of all of us.

  • itael nachmani

    B.A, Administration manager

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