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In a dynamic and changing market, when companies are competing for each customer, many managers already understand that the key to achieving business goals lies in improvement of service quality. Most of them also know that in order to understand and know the customer's experience they have to make use of scientific research tools. Yet many of them ask the question: What do I do with these research figures? What do you do with all this information? How do you implement the results of the research so as to achieve significant improvement in the quality of service in the most effective way?

SQ offers an innovative model for improvement service quality.
By integrating a number of business services under one roof SQ accompanies the service quality improvement process from start to finish. Starting with research through analysis and learning the implications and ending with management of the service quality improvement process in the field and its integration in all levels.

Who are we?
SQ Company has been active for more than a decade and it accompanies organizations and companies in service quality improvement processes. Having performed in depth research in the area of customer experience, in Israel and abroad, the SQM method was developed, combining proven scientific methodology and field experience that has been accumulated throughout the years in order to create an optimal tool for implementation of improvements. The system is implemented successfully for more than a decade among dozens of companies and organizations.
The SQM method makes use of ongoing scientific research along with professional supervision and a system of integration and training in the field. In that way an effective process that improves the worker and customer experience is created, leading to business success and organizational growth.

Contrary to the existing trend to leave the results of the research on the management table, we believe that the key to generating actual improvement lies with the implementation and integration of improvement in the level of the workers in the field, workers that provide the services offered by the organization in the field and that have the ability to influence directly the customer experience.

Our clients
The SQM method is implemented successfully among managers and workers in small and large companies and organizations alike throughout all sectors of the Israeli market: in intensive know-how companies, intensive labor companies, Hi-tech and low-tech, B2B companies, B2C companies, bank branches, call centers, stores, garages, companies providing telephone services and frontal services, in audience reception center or the customer's home and more.

Managers that implemented the principles of the system lead their organization to an ongoing process of improvement that improved their status in a competitive environment. The ROI of the improving service image was manifested by a reduction of the rate of abandoning customers and an increase at the rate of customers that were willing to recommend the service to a friend and by so doing became ambassadors.
You can learn more about our clients and their impressions here.

Our vision  
SQ Company was established for the purpose of increasing awareness to service quality and leading a practical and experiential process among workers and managers in any position out of the belief that any person is creative and full of resources.
The SQ team combines experienced researchers with specific academic expertise and experienced, senior organizational consultants with experience in training, consultation and guidance as managers and consultants.
Our team acts is committed to its clients and accompanies them throughout all the stages of the process with the constitute aspiration to achieve results that will produce excellence and growth.

Change begins now.
Your customers are waiting for it
We invite you to contact our professional team and start improving service experience and customer experience.
We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with additional information.


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