Who we are?

SQ is one of Israel's leading strategic consulting and applied research companies.
The company provides various modular solutions, helping managers in companies and organizations to improve their business and operational results.

Our activity is based on the unique SQM method we developed and combines proven scientific methodology, business results forecasting models, advanced technology and many years of practical, hands-on experience.

The SQM method is successfully implemented in dozens of the largest and leading companies and organizations in Israel alongside SMB customers. Our professional and experienced team, combined with our commitment to customer success, make us the ideal partner in helping our customers to achieve their objectives and improve their business and operational results.

You, too, can mark your goals and together, we will find the fastest, most appropriate and most efficient way to achieve them: From Research to Results with clear and precise guidance on how to reach your destination. That is exactly why we are here for you.


Research and gathering information from surveys and organizational data.
Establishing, conducting and managing a system of surveys, questionnaires and feedback and the pooling of data from organizational information systems for continuous monitoring of integrated insights between objective data and subjective opinions. The service includes an advanced online system for managing ongoing diverse types of surveys concerning management, service, sales, digital, employees and more.

This service includes: a survey-generating system, a BI platform, an alert module and a corporate learning management tool. As our customer & system users, you will receive an extended service, accompanied by a professional researcher or an independent survey service.

A technological AI platform for managing business results improvement processes and reaching your goals - the business Waze to take you to your destination An online and advanced technology platform based on AI tools we developed to improve decision-making processes, effective real-time organizational navigation and achieving business goals and results. The system is designed and used by the organization's senior management for strategic decisions and the mid-management levels in the field for focused and differentiated guidance. Everyone is on the right track for them.

Forging a data and research strategy:
Subject to your objectives, we will recommend the information and data to be collected, the collection and analysis methods, based on Prediction models, to improve your organization's business results in sales, service, marketing, operations and employee management. The system shows your progress, conducts sensitivity analyses vs. comparative data and enables you to identify the recommended, cost-effective ways to improve and achieve your goals.

Consulting to improve business results
for senior management and decision-makers. Provided by strategic consultants. Applying processes to reach business results and implementing them in the organization. The consultation aims at creating an efficient improvement process in the organization to achieve the maximum cost-effective results. The consultation is based on unique methods developed at SQ, enabling practical implementation of result-promoting activities while constantly monitoring investment efficacy.

Why choose us?

OUR commitment to YOUR success
From the very first meeting, you would feel you have met a Partner, not an ordinary vendor. A partner who understands your exact needs and knows how to guide you on the right path to achieving them.
The SQM method
A proven scientific methodology we developed and successfully implemented in dozens of organizations to improve their business results. The method is based on data analysis according to various result-prediction models, allowing you to mark your targets for improvement, how to cost-effectively improve them and choose the route that's right for you
The Experience
25 years of experience with proven results in dozens of leading organizations from various industries. Our leading and experienced team of consultants is focused on your results to ensure correct implementation and decision-making based on real-time data analysis.
The Technology
An online, user-friendly technological platform for managing an efficient and focused improvement process
The solutions
End-to-end modular solutions: from research to improving actual business results. Diagnosis, consultation, accompaniment and implementation. with you throughout your journey.


"At Shlomo Group, we strive for excellence. To realize this vision, we also need suppliers with the same train of thought, which is why we have been choosing SQ company over and over again for the past decade. They became our true partners, helping us to achieve the maximum results according to parameters and a plan that we devised together"

SQ demonstrates a rare combination of many years of experience, skilled and helpful staff, highly professional abilities and, above all, proven advanced models. SQ's contribution to the organization and its results was unequivocal and gave us a significant competitive edge.

Isracard has been working with the SQ company for over a decade, during which we have gained true partner who accompany us hand in hand to new summits and peaks in the Customers expirience world, increasing sales and strengthening group employees’ Engagement and comitment. Thanks to SQ, we correctly navigate the distribution of resources and efforts and get maximum results with maximum effectiveness.

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